The more we shoot

I have been watching reviewer after reviewer celebrating the Apple 13 for the awesome camera tech and functionality it brings. At the same time, I also came across an article about the death of the Apple watch because you could do everything with the iPhone that you could do with the Apple watch, except maybe monitor your heart rate. Several articles also suggest why old Apple phones are better value for money because they serve most customer requirements.

Well, I don’t know about with others are claiming but I can say for sure that the more we shoot, the more we endear ourselves to Apple and many others. I also know that the iPod, the Apple Watch, and old iPhones are not as cool as the latest iPhones just because the new iPhones have better camera tech and functionality. The ability to take clearer and bigger format pictures and videos, tons and tons of original content, access and store visible and hidden information all is worth much more than everything else put together. Even camera companies are hurting because the convenience that a phone provides to capture and shoot photos and videos is unparalleled. How many times have we used our laptops or iPads to shoot pictures- I bet not a not, right?

A phone is a clear winner in every which way. Mobility at its absolute best. It then makes sense to milk this medium as much as possible. Apple or no Apple.

Apple investing so much on better camera technology supported by better glass, electronics and capacity on its iPhones is a no-brainer then.

The more we shoot, the more we share

The more we shoot, the more the desire to show and tell. The flood of social media platforms provides instant means to push our pictures out to others — many at once. This is intoxicating and habituating to say the least. And so, it makes sense to social media companies as much it does to us. Other OTT players like WhatsApp also benefit. Telecom and ISP’s also benefit since more bandwidth is consumed. Hardware, software, artificial intelligence companies all benefit if we shoot more.

The more we shoot, the more we want to create

Tech to help us with taking and editing better pictures and video is available at our fingertips more than ever before. Look at Vimeo, to YouTube and other millions of applications that provide one-click options for editing pictures and creating stunning videos. These apps help us produce better content that makes us go back to them again and again. Apps bring more for everyone — billions!

Meeting pandemic challenges, Apple developers grow total billings and sales in the App Store ecosystem by 24 percent to $643 billion in 2020. https://www.apple.com/in/newsroom/2021/06/apple-developers-grow-app-store-ecosystem-billings-and-sales-by-24-percent-in-2020/#:~:text=Meeting%20pandemic%20challenges%2C%20Apple%20developers,to%20%24643%20billion%20in%202020&text=Apple%20today%20announced%20that%20the,year%2Dover%2Dyear%20increase.

The more we shoot, the more we store

Pictures and videos consume space on our phones, hard disks, and cloud spaces. Well, now you have all the space you need to store your pictures with better and bigger storage technologies. The cloud is accessible anywhere and can be shared both for professional and personal reasons. Everything on the cloud is secure, easy to access and available 24X7. Exactly what we need. More control means more power in our hands.

The more we shoot, the more we can be tracked

Geotagging, GPS to location tracking, apps like Strava and many others we can activate to allow us to track movement helps with analytics and studying use patterns and with targeted marketing and all the things we can do with trillions and trillions of bits of location data.

The more we shoot, the more the algorithm wins

With the number of pictures that can be analysed to extract information about a person is limitless. Technology now exists that has improved voice and face recognition. This data is important to develop better artificial intelligence tech and at the same time benefit law enforcement initiatives. This information can be exploited in many more ways. It is not only information on the pictures and videos we create, but also the camera hardware that can allow others to gain access to information about us.

The more we shoot, there is more money to be made

The pictures and videos we shoot are valuable to so many — app developers, phone makers, social media platforms, analytic and marketing companies, enforcement agencies, storage companies, and many more.

The more we shoot, the more we become a product

We need to be aware more than ever before that creating original and interesting content is what everyone wants us to do. This works to mutual benefit since our desire to be seen, heard and connect with others is no less.

It is all about purposeful and social connection in the end. Isn’t it? Companies like Apple are helping us with just that. In return if they make a few $$$s we don’t mind. Do you?

Note: Apple claims that our data is fully secure and unlikely to fall in wrong hands. I would like to believe so. Compliance and data security is key and should never be compromised.



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