Future of Work is Secure

We live in a fractured world that appears to be falling apart bit by bit. The naysayers predict that the world as we know it will not exist much longer if we don’t stop hurting the environment the provides for us. They also call the COVID as the wrath of GOD almighty as a way of punishing us for killing the planet and its inhabitants including our own species.

What the pessimists ignore is the fact the life as we know is not a forever thing. As they say, what goes up must come down and everyone dies someday. I guess, what I am trying to say is that the planet will end in the way we know it one way or the other and a new ecosystem will be born from the ashes that humans leave behind. Change is the only constant. The new world even if untouched by humans could still alter itself in ways that does not support human life.

ECOWRK as a business has had some close survival calls since its birth. Near death experiences caused by shifting work preferences induced by the COVID. Our clients couldn’t come back to work because of the unending lockdowns forced by fear of death and disease. When things got better money and commitment ran out. We were struggling to sail a sinking ship.

All predictions of return to normalcy went haywire. Our peers and experts are telling us the economy will get better overtime and office spaces will be reoccupied in good time. The wait will be painful but worth it. What we notice as a trend is that the home kind, the small office kind, the fed up with isolation kind and the low budget kind are starting to mushroom all over the city looking to rebuild a world that was lost to COVID.

These are the first movers, the believers and the risk takers who have undying hope no matter what. They are not the ones to shy away from what should be and complain about what has been lost.

The new world order is upon us, one filled with hope and the promise of better times. The future of work is secure.

Contact us on www.ecowrk.in in case of any query.




Social connection, Shared resources, Flexible Workspaces

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Social connection, Shared resources, Flexible Workspaces

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